Knebel & Co. Law Offices - headed by Adv. Elroy Knebel, who has over twenty years of experience in practice of law – is a law office combining under one roof legal expertise in civil law, commercial law and real-estate law along with agreements, transactions and investments advisory both in Israel and abroad.

Our office has wide experience in the fields of real-estate, financing (bank financing, private equity, seed), renewable energy, brand franchisee activities, corporate law, family law including inheritance law, and all other fields of civil and commercial law.

Real-estate in Israel

Our office gained wide experience in many disciplines, such as building projects, land betterment, second hand transactions, rental of commercial assets, etc.

Our office has expertise in working both in Hebrew and in English, and is unique in availability of personal service to clients, in Israel and abroad.

Our office has wide experience in providing legal services in Poland as well as Eastern Europe countries (Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Belarus), and also in Switzerland. Adv. Knebel has provided services to Israeli investors in Poland for the past 12 years, in a wide range of activities, including real-estate, financing, energy, commerce and litigation.

Our office has close work relations with local law firms abroad, especially in Poland, and operates a branch in LWB law firm, a leading law firm in Warsaw, the capital of Poland.

In the scope of their cooperation, the two law offices publish articles together and a newsletter which may be viewed in: http://telaviv.trade.gov.pl/en/LegalMatters.

In addition to many private clients, our office's clients include, inter alia:

  • Hamashbir Latzarchan Hahadash Israel,
  • Otzar Hityashvut Hayehudim Ltd.,
  • Ortam-Sahar Group,
  • Led Net,
  • Electra Group,
  • Hanan Mor Group,
  • Amiram Sivan Group,
  • Aroma Poland,
  • New-Pharm,
  • Vitania,
  • Afik Hayarden Group,

and others…

In the picture: Advocate Knebel with the president of the state of israel.

Doing business in Poland

Recently our office initiated the second conference in the subject of business opportunities in Poland 2013.
Details and presentations from the conference are available at: 2013 conference

In 2012 our office initiated the first conference in this subject.
Details about the conference are available at http://www.reg.co.il/Knebel-Lengiewicz/

The 2013 conference lecturers presented presentations on the following subjects:

  • Poland's Economic Performance
  • The Israeli Economy
  • Poland's new golden age – Shifting from Europe's periphery to its center
  • Clean-tech sector in Poland – chances and challenges
  • Polish Capital Market overview - chances and opportunities
  • Investing in Poland – selected tax aspects

Our office has a wide range of connections in Poland - in government authorities, in local authorities, Banks and entrepreneurs.

Our Team:

Our office's team currently includes 6 lawyers headed by Adv. Elroy Knebel, some of whom have particular expertise in the field of family law.

Elroy Knebel, attorney at law (Accountant)

Our office's managing partner.
Has a B.A. in Accounting and Economics 1988, L.L.B. 1990 and L.L.M. (magna cum laude) in International Commercial Law from the University of Brussels.
He is also a certified public accountant as of 1990 and a member of the Israeli Bar Association since 1991.
Adv. Knebel made his internship in Israel's Supreme Court, has worked at Professor Yossi Gross's law firm. After completing his LLM served over two years as the legal council of Kahtan Brothers real-estate group. In 1996 Adv. Knebel has joined Ami Osnat and Zvi Hefetz (former Israeli ambassador in the United Kingdom) law firm as a partner. In 2004 he has left the firm and established Knebel-Elkayam Law Firm, the team of which included 8 lawyers at the time. In 2011 Knebel-Elkayam was divided into two offices and as of today our office's team includes 6 lawyers.

Adv. Knebel has over 12 years of experience providing cross-boarder legal services between Israel and Poland.

Roy Navot, attorney at law

Has an L.L.B from Tel-Aviv University 1996, and 14 years experience as a lawyer.
Adv. Navot is in charge of the real-estate field in Israel, and deals with civic-commercial law and its various branches, including real-estate, agreements, corporate law etc.

Adv. Navot has made his internship at Osnat-Hefetz Law Firm, and since his internship in 1998 until today is working together with Adv. Elroy Knebel.

Romy Knebel, attorney at law

Adv. Romy Knebel has an L.L.B and L.L.M from Tel-Aviv University Law Faculty.
She is a member of the Tel-Aviv District Bar Association family law committee.
Adv. Knebel is in charge of the family law field in our office.
She made her internship in Horowitz & Co law firm. After joining the Bar Association in 1998 she started to practice family and inheritance law.

Adv. Knebel has many years of experience in the fields of family and inheritance law and has represented many Israeli, US and European citizens.


Daniel Gofer, attorney at law

Has an L.L.B from The Interdisciplinary Center 2010. He made his internship in Raved Magriso Benkel & Co. law firm.

Adv. Gofer assists Adv. Elroy Knebel with international transactions and generally deals the field of civil and commercial law in the office.

Eyal Kfir, attorney at law

Adv. Kfir has an L.L.B (cum laude) and an M.B.A from The College of Law & Business in Ramat Gan 2011.
Deals in the field of real-estate and is in charge of the family law field together with Adv. Romy Knebel.

To contact our office:
Knebel & Co Law Offices
"Sonol" building, 52 Menachem Begin Rd., Tel-Aviv
E-mail: liat@knebel-adv.com


Pictures from Poland 2013 conference